Capitalisation of results on the
multifunctionality of agriculture and rural areas


Results of Multagri final seminar

Conclusion of the project: the Multagri final seminar

The Multagri seminar was held the 1st of September 2005 in Brussels. 100 researchers and stakeholders, from more than 20 different countries, attended the seminar chaired by Pierre Valette (Acting Director in charge of environment, DG Research).

The morning was dedicated to the presentation of the diversity of the concept of multifunctionality, to the possibilities of coordination between supply and demand of multifunctionality, and finally to the implementation and evaluation of policies for multifunctionality. The afternoon summed up the research needs identified by Multagri and a round table concluded the day, with stakeholders from different perspectives: DG Agriculture, CEECs, Developping Countries, Ministeries, Research.

The presentations are available in "work package products"

All the presentations held during the semainr are available under a pdf format.

Project funded by DG RTD of European Commission.
Sixth framework programme "Global change and ecosystems"
Contact at the Commission : Daniel Deybe

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