Capitalisation of results on the
multifunctionality of agriculture and rural areas


Institute For Rural Development Research

Zeppelinallee 31
60325 Frankfurt (Main

Phone : 0049.69.775001
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The Institute for Rural Development Research (IfLS) is an independent research institute that is attached to the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt (Main)

It is active in the following areas:
- Sustainable development / multi-functionality of rural space
- Rural development, agriculture and environment
- Regional development, marketing and consulting

Work carried out at the IfLS encompasses multidisciplinary research as well as consulting projects involving sustainable development in rural areas. One of the particular focuses is the effect of food and agricultural policy, as well as structural, regional and environmental policies, on rural areas. To recognize, evaluate and interlink holistic contexts is characteristic of the IfLS working approach. In the last 45 years the IfLS has co-operated with EU and national bodies, programmes, networks and initiatives on over 320 projects.

A Scientific Board links the IfLS with the University. Several faculties that are relevant for the research and consultancy work carried out at the IfLS are represented on this board: Social and Political Science, Earth Science and Geography, Environmental Sciences, Economics and Business Administration, Law. Funding for research and consulting projects constitutes the financial basis of the Institute. Our principal clients are the European Commission, German federal ministries (agriculture, regional development, environment, economy), the German Laender, the Federal Environment Agency, the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation as well as various foundations and non-governmental organisations.

Contact(s) :
  • Karlheinz Knickel - WP member (WP6)  ph : 0049-69-775001
  • karlheinz knickel - WP member (WP2)  ph : 0049-69-775001

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