Capitalisation of results on the
multifunctionality of agriculture and rural areas


Rural Sociology Group, Department Of Social Sciences, Wageningen University

Mansholtlaan 10-12 (Building 127)
6708 PA Wageningen

Phone : +31 317 484507
Fax : + 31 317 485475
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The Rural Sociology Group of Wageningen University is involved in academic and applied research and education in the field of rural social studies. A common denominator in research is the focus on the diversity of practices of farmers and other rural actors, and the way in which the potentials for sustainable rural development embodied in these can be effectively taken into account in new governance structures and rural policies.

The Rural Sociology Group employs ca. 30 researchers of which 8 are senior staff members, whilst others are contract researchers or PhD-students. The main research themes include: rural development practices, farm household strategies, food supply chains, multifunctional agriculture, rural governance, innovation and transition management, and gender issues. Research is frequently effectuated in direct interaction with innovative field experiences of farmer groups, and in co-operation with animal, plant and nutrition scientists.

The Rural Sociology Group has been involved as participant and co-ordinator in various EU-funded research projects, including the projects "Design methods for endogenous rural development" (8001/CT90/0020), "The socio-economic impact of rural development policies: realities and potentials" (IMPACT, CT-4288), and "Marketing Sustainable Agriculture: An analysis of the potential role of new food supply chains in sustainable rural development" (SUS-CHAIN, QLK5-CT-2002-01349).

Contact(s) :
  • Henk Oostindie - WP member (WP4)
  • Henk Renting - WP member (WP4)  ph : 31 317 485 039
  • Dirk Roep - WP member (WP1)

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