Capitalisation of results on the
multifunctionality of agriculture and rural areas


Other projects  

European projects related to Multagri  
MEA-scope : Micro-economic instruments for impact assessment of multifunctional agriculture to implement the Model of European Agriculture
Seamless : System for Environmental and agricultural modelling; Linking European sciences and society
SustainabilityA-test : This project will carry out high-level validation of the tools (i.e. methodologies, models, approaches and appraisals) that are needed that support strategy development, ex-ante sustainability impact assessments as well as policy reviews
SENSOR : Sustainability Impact Assessment:Tools for Environmental, Social and Economic Effects of Multifunctional Land Use in European Regions
Projects close to multifunctionality  
Roles of Agriculture Project (FAO) : Socio-Economic Analysis and Policy Implications of the Roles of Agriculture in Developing Countries
Europe’s Rural Futures - The Nature of Rural Development (NoRD) : Research project carried out by WWF Europe
AgroEnviron : Role of Multi-purpose Agriculture in Sustaining Global Environment Udine, Italy 20 - 24, October 2004
Agri-Environmental Measures for Biodiversity and Conservation (AEMBAC) : AEMBAC is a three-year EU 5th Framework project coordinated by IUCN that concluded in February 2004. It has developed and tested a relatively simple, yet powerful, method of creating local Agri-Environmental Measures (AEM) with predictable, quantifiable and verifiable outcomes, thus helping to ensure resources can be mobilised to promote sustainable development.
BUILDING NEW RELATIONSHIPS IN RURAL AREAS UNDER URBAN PRESSURE : The aim of this 5th framework reserach projet is to help actors in rural areas to provide Rural Goods and Services (RGS) related to the landscape and to get compensation payments by new relationships with the urban society. Since agriculture and forestry are the most important land uses in European rural areas, the project will pay attention to their role to safeguard the green landscape and to provide RGS.

Links about multifunctionality  

Research programs  
INRA-CEMAGREF-CIRAD research program on multifunctionality of agriculture : Website devoted to the INRA-CEMAGREF-CIRAD research program
Interesting texts  
The multifunctionality of agriculture: origin and principles of a new approach to agricultural activities : Text by Hervieu, december 2002

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