Capitalisation of results on the
multifunctionality of agriculture and rural areas

Work package products

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Main results
File(s) : Main results of Multagri.pdf (196ko)  
Type : Report  Date : 2005-09-29  Added by E. Coudel
This document presents a cross-cutting summary of the main results of the different workpackages. For more detailed information, you can refer to the deliverables presented for each workpackage in "workpackage products".

Final seminar presentations
File(s) : 00a Rationale for research pdf (130ko)   00b seminar presentation Capdf (83ko)   01a concepts Caron.pdf (454ko)   01b discussion Freshwater.pdf (10ko)   02 link supply demand Sumelpdf (43ko)   03a assessment Zander.pdf (790ko)   04a reaction DDeybe.pdf (4ko)   04b research results Cairol.pdf (51ko)   04c Research gaps Knickel.pdf (190ko)  
Type : Report  Date : 2005-09-13  Added by E. Coudel
All the presentations that were held during the final seminar (1st of September 2005 in Brussels) are posted here: - 00 the opening (P. Valette and D. Deybe) and the presentation of the project (D. Cairol) - session 01: multifunctionality as a concept for solving problems? (P. Caron) / discussion by D. Freshwater - session 02: can supply and demand be connected? (E. Cudlinova, J. Sumelius, H. Renting) - session 03: how to implement and assess multifunctionality? (P. Zander) / discussion by C. Varela Ortega - 04: reactions by D. Deybe, summary of main results (D. Cairol) and research gaps (KH Knickel)

File(s) : MultagriDV.pdf (1486ko)  
Type : Report  Date : 2004-07-12  Added by D. Cairol
Multagri Brochure

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